Our class’s Twitter scavenger hunt!

Last Monday, we gathered up in class and were preparing our phones for the class activity for the course, CORE2096. Everyone took out his/her phone and starting tweeting mystery images with the hashtag #Unboundeq and people from all over the world were replying back to our images with guesses and even our classmates were allowed to comment on each others photo’s.

It was interesting seeing other people’s mystery images and the guesses, including my tweet where I had a weird, old farmer looking tool that some guesses that were brilliant such as “Im thinking digging tool as well for something like trees or fence posts?”. I think interacting with people like this in such a cool, ice-breaking game is a great idea, because in some way, we deal with people that are outside are circle and that can teach us new information that we might’ve never heard of before. Overall, it was a great experience, and I would love to do it again. Plus, I just can’t stop searching up #Unboundeq on Twitter, its loaded with activities, information, lessons to use in life, interesting discussions and last but not least, amazing articles!


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