Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is one hell of a topic to be explored, it has many definitions and broad aspects that are important and evident in our lives. I’ve never read about digital literacies, so this is my first time but im pretty glad I did read about it. There are 3 definitions to be explained here, digital literacy, digital skills and digital fluency. These 3 definitions / words, are not different in anyway, they somehow aid each other in some way. Digital skills is defined by Cornell University as “the ability to find, evaluate utililize and create content using information technologies and the internet.” While Digital skills and fluency are very related, the more you practice something, the more you get better right? Same goes for the digital skills in order to be digitally fluent. The more you practice digital literacy, the more you are skillful, the more fluent you are. Well, this is my digital profile! It is pretty awesome to see how well you digitally preform on a graph, and taken seriously. For starters, I can use technology comfortably, with no problem. Biggest evidence, I’m an MICT major! I can find information that I need relatively fast since I need to be really accurate. I record a couple of videos and upload them, do a little editing in cropping and cutting out some scenes but nothing more than that, thats why I’ve chosen Comfortable being Creative & Innovative with videos, images and such. Of course, I’m very confident I can maintain Internet security of my own self, I’ve never forgotten a password nor did I ever get hacked or anything since my passwords are very complicated. I’m not much of a teacher, so I wouldn’t be able to aid in teaching these digital skills to the other people that well because I just suck at it! But, a really good side of me is that I love communicating with people since lots of my friends are now living abroad and its a pleasure sharing my experiences and new information with them. Now for the article which was written by Lisa Harrison, it goes on to explain in the beginning the meaning of digital literacy and the skills that are used in digital literacy. Then Lisa continues to talk about how everything is being replaced by its own digital replica. For example, books – ebooks, alarm clocks – alarm clocks on your phone, real life meetings – email/video call. Everything around us is changing to a more digital way, we’re becoming much more digital everyday where our ways of thinking are changing. Its not about meeting the professor anymore, its about emailing them for example. Last but not least, I quite enjoyed Dr. Maha Bali’s video about Digital literacies which has also aided me in understanding the 3 defintions of Digital Literacies, Digital Skills and Digital Fluency. For anyone who’d like to watch, this is the URL for the video!


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