War in Translation

What an amazing article by Lina Mounzer, it was just such an emotional experience that I have enjoyed very much. Lina talks about her experience as a translator and introduces it in the beginning by talking about one of the stories that she has translated, and it just makes your heart break. She describes the agony of the girl so well, and the experiences that happened with her. In some way, other than being a translator, she is also a great writer. Every piece of information she gave about her job was full of passion and creativity in defining translation.

“Translation is not just about transposing words from one language to another. But transplanting a feeling, a way of seeing the world, from one vocabulary of experience to another. I think of the verb, to transplant.” (Lina, 2016) just absolutely brilliant! I’ve enjoyed reading the article very much because she has given more than just one example about the cases of her translation stories. All of them are emotional and she shows how much they have impacted her, not only by thought but also just by hearing some words that give her a flashback to the upsetting parts of the stories. I do recommend reading this article by Lina Mounzer because it is very interesting and not one of your usual, stumbled upon, articles that you can find online.

Here is the article link,





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