Reflection on Digital Games

Playing Spent has been a joy for me to be honest, I love the idea and I love the choices you have to make in order to balance yourself financially. Every decision will either make you broke, or will make you survive another day. The Syrian Refugee game has also grabbed my attention and I’ve had to make choices this time, with my life and my families life. Fake it to make it is also one hell of an interesting game, I get to be the person who spreads fake news! How great is that haha! Honestly, the game was an experience of its own, its a simulation of how it actually is. I mean, I get to see the likes, shares and how many people actually believe me and everything I’m saying, it is sick! I’ve also given 2 of the student’s games, one of them is Living. I like the idea, and i understand the point behind it but of course I see that it’s not professionally done and I also see that the link in the end with the stray dogs doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean, i thought of a whole different idea of the goal of the game, while playing the game. Overall, I see the hard-work thats been put in but not really with the idea. The other game was Single Mother which discusses a single mother in an Arab society. Now that, is a brilliant game! It’s professionally done, and each answer/question has a morale/lesson to it. I’ve enjoyed taking the decisions and the game made me more interested in the topic as I progress through each question. This student, Merna has exceeded at least my expectations with this piece of art. Overall, this game has taught me a lot about decisions that I need to make in my daily life that may not seem very important but really are. It also taught me that I don’t just live alone in this world. There are other people who have to take decisions that are multiple times harder than the ones I have to take and I get the chance to experience it in a game only. Imagining this to be in real life is pretty hard and will teach a person a lot about empathy. 

You can check these games out on the following links:

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