Lets start off by defining what equity is, “Equity is the quality of being fair and reasonable in a way that gives equal treatment to everyone.” Learning this topic in class is one of the reasons I’ve taken this course for, it widens your mind. It makes you take decisions in things and about people in much, much different way. Everyone deserves equal treatment, absolutely no matter what the case is. Racial discrimination is all around us, around the world, it is there and present. Giving the same treatment to everyone would fix lots of problems that we have nowadays. The second studio visit equity unbound has enlightened me with a few pointers that I could use when thinking about equity.

You guys can check out over here: http://unboundeq.creativitycourse.org/announcement/studio-visit-on-equity-wednesday-october-17/

This is also where you can get the definition of equity by Collins Dictionary:


You can learn a lot more also from this following link (trust me, its really interesting):





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