Fake News!

Hey everyone,

This month, November, we started a new topic in our Core class and to be honest is one that we can all learn from. We’ve talked about Fake News, a topic that is greatly ignored and a problem that most of us fall into. How many of us clicked on that interesting pop-up link with attention-grabbing line as recent as “Projected images of the Saudi flag on the Egyptian pyramids”. That photo grabs your attention doesn’t it? It did to the majority of the Saudi’s who believed it, until Egyptian sources say that never happened. Funny isnt it?

Nowadays, we’re all very exposed to it and we must take some precautions to make sure that we aren’t victims of Fake News.

You guys can check some interesting information as well in this link https://www.dailyinfographic.com/avoid-fake-news

which is also where I got my infographics from.

I hope you all can take a minute or two to read this for your own safety of being exposed to these deceiving statements. We did a few activities in class that were actually helpful for us, and we’ve discussed lots of the above mentioned real/fake statements.

To be honest, I enjoyed discussing it with my class and Professor Maha that guided us through it. I’m actually sharing it with my friends, and I show them how I find out about these fake news that are always trending on Facebook. For our group of friends, Facebook is very interesting for us because we find interesting stories, meme’s, videos, and just about anything that’ll grab your attention. I usually tackle a few that the guys find real and authentic haha!



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