Do Not Track

Holy moly, this documentary is one of a kind. I have never seen such a user-integrated, informative documentary before about any topic. Relating back to the Fake News blog that I posted a couple of days ago, this documentary is related but its not the same at all in the same time. We’ve talked about this before in class, where whatever we search for, chat about, post about is being used to grab our attention to certain products. I’ll use the example that I’ve used in class.

For example, I’ve lost my Reymond Weil watch a few months ago, and it’s a pretty expensive watch. I was thinking of what I could do in order for my dad not to find out, and I thought about getting a more luxurious looking watch and then say that I just traded my watch and paid some extra money for the watch that I have right now. Right after I start talking about this and the topic becomes pretty common to think about, I see ad’s on Facebook about this new watchmaker that is blowing off the industry with its cheap luxurious watches and is being highly considered when it comes to watch market. It really did grab my attention, I browsed through their collection, prices and delivery dates, they succeeded in tracking my interests and grabbing my attention.

This is just one small example of what is happening to us when sharing our information online. I would say that the platform that you choose to share your interests/information in doesn’t really matter, because the specialized people, will still grab your attention with different products since they have all the information they need about you. Heck, Facebook ad’s know that I’ve started playing rugby and that I’m looking for gear to buy for the game and it recommended me a few websites that I should visit to buy rugby gear.

I’ve talked a lot about myself and what we discussed in class but I didn’t talk about the documentary that much yet and so, I will do it in this paragraph. As I mentioned above, this documentary is one-of-a-kind documentary since it integrates you with questions and direct answers to your answers which is a first for me. The documentary showed me where I was accessing the video from by showing how the weather is like (20 degrees in Alexandria, cloudy) and that I was accessing the website from a laptop. They deduced these 2 points just by me visiting the site and watching some content. Can you believe this? Throughout the documentary, many tracking situations like this happen to show you easy it is to track a person online and gather information about him/her. What’s very impressive about this documentary is that bit by bit, it gets more personalized for you with the questions that you answer, and new information that you discover. It is just done so amazingly, the infrastructure of the website is just flawless. Industries make a lot of money just by gathering information about us and selling it to the desired companies, its like they filter us, based on our interests, wants, needs, etc. It’s spooky, and I know a couple of people (40+ years of age) that quit using the Internet, and don’t have a smartphone. They have a normal Nokia phone that’s definitely not traceable. The email’s are the only thing probably being tracked for people like this, but they know how to deal with it by having a strictly-business email that is on a corporate server for example, or a university server and that will most likely ensure safety of information.

My tip to all of you is to first, start watching and learning from the documentary, then start following the tips & tricks provided and always be careful when it comes to sharing/posting information about yourself on the internet. This month of November has came to an end, but I definitely enjoyed discussing all these internet privacy / information legitimacy discussions that we had in our CORE class. I hope you all can follow this documentary and understand how vital this issue is and how present it is in the whole world.


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