Soliya Reflection

Hey guys, welcome back to another spectacular blogpost haha.

So, I wanted to tell you guys about Soliya, which is an online cross-cultural educational program that has its own independent platform and everything. It is actually a pretty impressive place, and the group meeting rooms are pretty advanced. We can get into rooms of 2/3/4/5, however the facilitator would like to group us. It’s not like a Skype video conference, you feel the professionalism in the work of the Soliya team. Understanding the website didn’t require a genius and didn’t have a pretty heavy guideline on how to make things work. For me, it’s very comforting when I have instructions that are direct, clear and understandable. This was exactly it.

Going in into my first meeting with the group was pretty amazing. I was astonished by the fact that is this actually real, we’re 6 people, from all over the world accompanied a facilitator and all of us are ready to share every bit of culture they have. We started out talking generally about everything, then we got into separate rooms and had one to one discussions. I enjoyed my talks with Laurina, one of my peers in Soliya who is from Finland, I learned a lot from her and from the cold that she was hiding from at home haha. Oh guys, I forgot to mention I was the only guy in the group (excluding Justin, who’s our facilitator). The rest of our group were from Tunisia, The United States, Italy and Finland. Basically we had people from all over the place.

I learned in this experience that we humans, are all the same. Just minor differences in appearances and life experiences, but we are all the same souls that are sharing every bit of them with the rest of the world. I can go out in the world and interact with everyone, with full confidence. Soliya has given me the opportunity to actually test it with people from around the world but virtually, just to learn and understand how that is. I’ve been all over the world, Europe, Asia, North Africa, etc. But I didnt usually interact with people there that much. Soliya has given me the motive to start interacting with people and just share stories because of just how damn fun it is. I would love to do it more in the real world and converting my digital experiences into real life experiences.

To conclude my experience, again, I’ll have to say that I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve learned a lot and you guys can understand why from the points mentioned above. I’m going to be trying my best to communicate with people from all over the world more often, gaining more knowledge and experiences that things like books do not teach. This is real value that needs to be more of the concern of some people in our society. Mainly people who do not know how to communicate with people with different religions, skin colors, etc. I’ve seen a few of them around my University and I would recommend it to them without a doubt.

Check all about it, on their website.



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