Contribution on Fake News

Whats up folks,

I come to you today with an amazing video that I’m sure, if you haven’t watched it already, will blow you away. We are so vulnerable nowadays to these videos that we watch online on different social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. A video done by Bloomberg on fake videos and fake audios brilliantly shows how easy it is to make such videos and even how crazy it can get

As someone stated in the video “This is fake news on steroids” it is very true. I laughed a little but this is really the truth. Everyday there are new ways to develop these ways to develop some video, audio, text, etc. to manipulate people and sometimes even cause conspiracies to happen. I believe that as humans, we are all good on the inside, and we all naturally expect clarity. These videos/audios prevents the truth and honesty from shinning out by making problems, spreading fake statistics, anything of this sort. The results of having a group of people believing something that hasn’t happened or wasn’t said would be catastrophic.

There are a couple of cut scenes from past U.S president’s press conferences imitated by another man using AI. It’s absolutely appalling how much these videos look real. There are a couple of programs that have been developed to detect these fake videos and audios, and they’re based on machine learning. People are starting to become more aware of the problem, but obviously not many. I asked 4 of my friends who were with me a while ago, and they had no idea about this problem. We need to aware more people by sharing such videos, for me, it was a very interesting two and a half minutes. I can’t wait for my classmates to check the video out in class on Thursday!


Here’s the link to the video:


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