Final Reflection

So this is the final blogpost, god knows how much I’ve actually enjoyed writing these posts to you guys. My last one is hopefully going to be my best where I reflect on the course, CORE2096 with Professor Maha Bali.

This course has prepared me to meet people from outside my circle, city, country and even culture with ease. Using the Soliya program has made me take time to think about the things that I have in common with people from all over the world, and that could be a conversation starter. Starting a conversation with a stranger in Asia for example, would be the starting point, and then getting into debates about inter-cultural problems, resolutions, just anything that both of us can benefit from. I believe and I actually have seen the potential of learning loads of new information and learn from experiences from people that belong to different parts of the world. During Soliya, we always had long discussions about various topics that would be very popular in one’s country. Sometimes we would all have the same opinion on the topic, and we’re all on the same page, and that feels nice. It’s nice to know that you can actually agree with something and they’ve not only been raised differently, but the life experiences that they have been through is way different than mine. Yet, we would agree on topics and that shows me exactly what we all have in common and which is that we are all humans. The rational, natural instinct of a human plays a vital role in their decision making every day, and that’s what we all have in common. I’m very happy that I had the privilege to actually see that in people.

I’ve also learned how to spot the fake headlines that’ll delude you and change your thoughts about a certain topic whether political or social. In Egypt, these headlines are usually political and can spark major problems in the country. I feel that there should be more awareness in Egypt about this topic, I’m glad that I’ve taken this topic in the CORE2096 class since I can then not only use it for myself, but also share it with my close friends & family who are vulnerable just as much as so many other people to fake news. I’ve shared a video with my class about the technological advancements that fake news have reached. I mean for god’s sake; people can now imitate speeches of world leaders! It is becoming a very dangerous issue in the world and we should be fighting it. I feel that Professor Bali has done a great job emphasizing on the major points of fake news, and how we can avoid them in our daily lives whether when we’re surfing the web or scrolling through our news feed on Facebook or Twitter.

I constructed a game for this course with my classmate, Karim Habashi. We’ve constructed a game about being under the influence. We felt that it was vital that we aware young & old people about the harms of being under the influence at any time, we tried our best to make people refrain from using the substances, but we also had the guidelines on what to do when you’re under the substance. I’ve learned in this class how we’re all a part of a big society, and how we should all contribute to it with anything we can. We didn’t do this game just for the purpose of fun or the course, but mainly to aware people around us. I feel that we should empathize, and try to help each other whenever possible. I’ve learned a lot during the month of the topic of empathy, Lina Mounzer wrote a heart-felt article, that made us all sympathize with her case, or at least what we first thought was her case. She hit the head of the nail when it came to the topic of empathy and playing with our emotions.

Overall, I have learned a lot about becoming more of a human integrated in the world society than anything else. Becoming an actual better version of myself, I feel that attending the classes of CORE2096 were very beneficial to me, it has added a lot to my personality. I’ve enjoyed discussing various topics throughout the semester with my classmates, each and every one of them has contributed to who I am today. To be honest, I wouldn’t change anything in the structure of how the course is. Absolutely amazing that we would have the majority of the class attending classes and always discussing any kind of topic. That fact on its own, even with people knowing or assuming that it’s just a “core” class is an achievement. Professor Maha, this is for you, do not change anything about the course structure, it is perfectly fine. You can change the content if you would feel it is suitable, but please do not change anything about it. I’ve told my friends about this class all throughout the semester, and they’ve observed my assignments, everyone was fascinated by how this course is. I will never forget this course, nor will I forgot Professor Maha, who I know for a fact, contributed to the person I aspire to be.


I thank you all, the people who took the time to read my blogposts, play the games, and handle my stupid sarcastic jokes at times. I wish the best for all of you, and I wish the best for Professor Maha. Man, I hate goodbyes even if it’s a course in a semester in a university, specially one like this.

With warm love,

Mahmoud Yehia


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