Being Under the Influence

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You know that feeling you get when you’re in a party and everyone around you is doing things they shouldn’t be doing, and that are not good for them. Yet, you’re so tempted to try? Then trial becomes a journey, more specifically that would apply to drugs. Unfortunately most of the young generation today have this problem, the peer pressure from the people around them makes people try new things everyday, that they might like or not. Whatever their case is in the future, there is a possibility that an addiction would be the case to that person. We started our game at about 7:00 PM on a night of a party, where you and your friends gather up in the house, plan to pre-drink and spend time together before hitting the floor with some hot moves. If you’d choose a couple of choices in the game, they actually take you to situations where you’ll go to yourself, heck yeah this could happen. Of course for the older folks out there, try to imagine it when you were a couple of years younger. The younger generation can easily imagine such a situation.

It’s not easy to control the drug trafficking thats happening in Egypt, nor the dealing to the kids. What we can do is aware our close ones, and the friends that you see might be doing something suspicious. Trust me, you’d never want to be put in a position to see someone so dear to you become something so destroyed, in pain and maybe even not with us anymore. I’ve seen so many people throughout my life lose everything with one stupid decision that they couldn’t get out of. No matter what I’d say or show, they would never go back to the same person they were before. It’s like their whole mind gets wired to these certain actions and isnt convinced that they’re wrong.

A very important aspect as well of the game, and of being under the influence in general is driving under the influence. If you’re going to drink, or do the drug at least try not to kill yourself in the process of doing so. Okay, I understand we all want to have fun, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful in order to live 40 or 50 more years of fun and happiness (sorry, i sounded too optimisitic). I’ve started myself implementing this, one of my friends (my roommate lucky me) is that kinda guy that drinks red-bull’s at parties right, he doesnt drink. He’s always going to be my designated driver and he’s pretty funny too AND he buys me food on the way back. Big shout out to Mr. Orz!

Anyways kids, stay safe if you’re going to be dangerous and try new things. Have a person that’s close to you with you, at all times during the process. Whether it’s a drug or you’re going to be drinking for the first time. Guys trust me on this, I know its fun to be stupid, but really just try your best to be safe. Nothing in the world is worth you getting hurt, nothing I tell you. Live your life to the fullest, but remember to be safe while doing so.

The link to the game is right here:

Please give it a try folks. It’s a lovely game made by me and my broski & classmate Karim. We’ve been trying to become better students and people in general and elhamdullah are on the right path, and we’ve taken this opportunity to aware people that are around us of the dangers of being under the influence with decisions that may matter to your life, or the life of people around you.

Oh by the way, if you’ve played the game before, you’ll notice it’s a lot more visual now, contains more professional language, has a couple of added scenario’s that spice things up, and finally feels smoother overall. If you guys like it, and can share it with your friends, maybe we can turn it into a real game, that is professionally done and for the only cause of making people more aware.



Lets start off by defining what equity is, “Equity is the quality of being fair and reasonable in a way that gives equal treatment to everyone.” Learning this topic in class is one of the reasons I’ve taken this course for, it widens your mind. It makes you take decisions in things and about people in much, much different way. Everyone deserves equal treatment, absolutely no matter what the case is. Racial discrimination is all around us, around the world, it is there and present. Giving the same treatment to everyone would fix lots of problems that we have nowadays. The second studio visit equity unbound has enlightened me with a few pointers that I could use when thinking about equity.

You guys can check out over here:

This is also where you can get the definition of equity by Collins Dictionary:

You can learn a lot more also from this following link (trust me, its really interesting):



Reflection on Digital Games

Playing Spent has been a joy for me to be honest, I love the idea and I love the choices you have to make in order to balance yourself financially. Every decision will either make you broke, or will make you survive another day. The Syrian Refugee game has also grabbed my attention and I’ve had to make choices this time, with my life and my families life. Fake it to make it is also one hell of an interesting game, I get to be the person who spreads fake news! How great is that haha! Honestly, the game was an experience of its own, its a simulation of how it actually is. I mean, I get to see the likes, shares and how many people actually believe me and everything I’m saying, it is sick! I’ve also given 2 of the student’s games, one of them is Living. I like the idea, and i understand the point behind it but of course I see that it’s not professionally done and I also see that the link in the end with the stray dogs doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean, i thought of a whole different idea of the goal of the game, while playing the game. Overall, I see the hard-work thats been put in but not really with the idea. The other game was Single Mother which discusses a single mother in an Arab society. Now that, is a brilliant game! It’s professionally done, and each answer/question has a morale/lesson to it. I’ve enjoyed taking the decisions and the game made me more interested in the topic as I progress through each question. This student, Merna has exceeded at least my expectations with this piece of art. Overall, this game has taught me a lot about decisions that I need to make in my daily life that may not seem very important but really are. It also taught me that I don’t just live alone in this world. There are other people who have to take decisions that are multiple times harder than the ones I have to take and I get the chance to experience it in a game only. Imagining this to be in real life is pretty hard and will teach a person a lot about empathy. 

You can check these games out on the following links:

Empathy & Bias Curation

Hello everyone, Karim and I have worked on this Curation to present to you people, and we really hope you enjoy it! There are 5 curation’s on my blog, and another 5 on his, you can check them out, here

Let us get a couple of things straight first. Let us all understand what the meaning of Empathy & Bias is. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another while Bias is inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group.

Prof. Maha has tweeted a beautiful quote by Paul Bloom from his article attached to the tweet. The quote goes ““Empathy is biased; we are more prone to feel empathy for attractive people and for those who look like us or share our ethnic or national background”. Bloom starts off the article by explaining what empathy means to him and that he follows the 18th century definition which is “sympathy”. Obama has said an amazing quote that we should all be using today “it’s the lack of empathy that makes it very easy for us to plunge into wars. It’s the lack of empathy that allows us to ignore the homeless on the streets.” If we could just all follow the same idealogy/concept in our daily life, we’d all be other people who look at things very differently, more empathy would be involved. Bloom goes on to discuss some types of good empathy and bad empathy such as compassionate helping and empathic distress. He does bring out a good point and for me, I see it this way only. I would love to have empathetic friends, who can understand what I’m going through sometimes and Bloom has helped me realize that I actually do have some friends that understand what I’m going through most of the time, and can actually help me through my tough times.

How “Africa” is Northern Africa might not seem to you to have a lot to do with empathy & bias, while actually it has. Looking at Northern Africans as they are not African is somewhat bias to the idea that all Africans are black. It also shows how much we do not think nor understand each other, in other words we dont empathize each other, nor do people empathize us. They don’t try to understand how North Africans are really Africans that are just with different skin tones. In the end, all Africans are one, whether Northern or Southern. We should empathize more with each other from the point of Black Africans being more understanding of the fact that it is their continent as much as its ours, we shouldn’t be always bias to the idea that being African is being black.

We have many talks in class, oh so many you cannot count them. Fortunately for you and me, they have small lessons to teach us, and usually people tend to be bias to their opinions. As Karim said, the instance with the racist comment in class and then went on talk about a different kind of subtopic in empathy & bias. While here, I would like to talk about the real people, real classmate’s bias to their opinions about a certain topic or idea for example. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, on the contraar. We are all bias in one way or another, and I’m giving just a small example on how in a day to day conversation, we would be bias or sometimes have some empathy in some situation. In Prof. Maha’s class, I witness a lot of talk about Bias & Empathy for one month, thus I’m able to see everyone’s example’s and ideas of Bias & Empathy through different activities and conversations.

We have watched 2 videos in Prof. Maha’s class that both discuss empathy & bias. Chimamanda Ngozi, who worked as a writer beautifully shared her story with bias and how people assumed she wasn’t good at anything, specially writing because she’s from Africa. This is a situation where we should feel more empathy towards a person and not think in a superficial way. Unfortunately, some people still do not understand the meaning of understanding people and overlooking a lot of physical aspects. Another example of bias, is Binna Kandala, a professor who gave an amazing example when women and men went to a driving test. They were split into 2 groups of women and men. The women in the first group were told not to worry and that the plastic cones are replacable, they can hit them. The women in the second group were told that they could do it, and that they are equal to the male drivers if not better. Turns out, that the women in the second group have done better than the first group with the right things being said. Thats an example of what can happen during a normal day but change the way of thinking of many people.

Even the Twitter Scavenger Hunt that we’ve had, it was full of empathy. We were all sharing a part of us to each other on a global platform just by trying to guess images! We’re not only just guessing the images, we’re trying to guess what the other person is thinking about, we might find some details about them in their account for example to help us, but we’re mainly thinking about how that other person is thinking, what they were thinking at that moment when they heard they need to participate in a game like this. All these questions can aid in finding out what just one single image, meant or looked like.


You can find the articles/videos here:

War in Translation

What an amazing article by Lina Mounzer, it was just such an emotional experience that I have enjoyed very much. Lina talks about her experience as a translator and introduces it in the beginning by talking about one of the stories that she has translated, and it just makes your heart break. She describes the agony of the girl so well, and the experiences that happened with her. In some way, other than being a translator, she is also a great writer. Every piece of information she gave about her job was full of passion and creativity in defining translation.

“Translation is not just about transposing words from one language to another. But transplanting a feeling, a way of seeing the world, from one vocabulary of experience to another. I think of the verb, to transplant.” (Lina, 2016) just absolutely brilliant! I’ve enjoyed reading the article very much because she has given more than just one example about the cases of her translation stories. All of them are emotional and she shows how much they have impacted her, not only by thought but also just by hearing some words that give her a flashback to the upsetting parts of the stories. I do recommend reading this article by Lina Mounzer because it is very interesting and not one of your usual, stumbled upon, articles that you can find online.

Here is the article link,



Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is one hell of a topic to be explored, it has many definitions and broad aspects that are important and evident in our lives. I’ve never read about digital literacies, so this is my first time but im pretty glad I did read about it. There are 3 definitions to be explained here, digital literacy, digital skills and digital fluency. These 3 definitions / words, are not different in anyway, they somehow aid each other in some way. Digital skills is defined by Cornell University as “the ability to find, evaluate utililize and create content using information technologies and the internet.” While Digital skills and fluency are very related, the more you practice something, the more you get better right? Same goes for the digital skills in order to be digitally fluent. The more you practice digital literacy, the more you are skillful, the more fluent you are. Well, this is my digital profile! It is pretty awesome to see how well you digitally preform on a graph, and taken seriously. For starters, I can use technology comfortably, with no problem. Biggest evidence, I’m an MICT major! I can find information that I need relatively fast since I need to be really accurate. I record a couple of videos and upload them, do a little editing in cropping and cutting out some scenes but nothing more than that, thats why I’ve chosen Comfortable being Creative & Innovative with videos, images and such. Of course, I’m very confident I can maintain Internet security of my own self, I’ve never forgotten a password nor did I ever get hacked or anything since my passwords are very complicated. I’m not much of a teacher, so I wouldn’t be able to aid in teaching these digital skills to the other people that well because I just suck at it! But, a really good side of me is that I love communicating with people since lots of my friends are now living abroad and its a pleasure sharing my experiences and new information with them. Now for the article which was written by Lisa Harrison, it goes on to explain in the beginning the meaning of digital literacy and the skills that are used in digital literacy. Then Lisa continues to talk about how everything is being replaced by its own digital replica. For example, books – ebooks, alarm clocks – alarm clocks on your phone, real life meetings – email/video call. Everything around us is changing to a more digital way, we’re becoming much more digital everyday where our ways of thinking are changing. Its not about meeting the professor anymore, its about emailing them for example. Last but not least, I quite enjoyed Dr. Maha Bali’s video about Digital literacies which has also aided me in understanding the 3 defintions of Digital Literacies, Digital Skills and Digital Fluency. For anyone who’d like to watch, this is the URL for the video!

Our class’s Twitter scavenger hunt!

Last Monday, we gathered up in class and were preparing our phones for the class activity for the course, CORE2096. Everyone took out his/her phone and starting tweeting mystery images with the hashtag #Unboundeq and people from all over the world were replying back to our images with guesses and even our classmates were allowed to comment on each others photo’s.

It was interesting seeing other people’s mystery images and the guesses, including my tweet where I had a weird, old farmer looking tool that some guesses that were brilliant such as “Im thinking digging tool as well for something like trees or fence posts?”. I think interacting with people like this in such a cool, ice-breaking game is a great idea, because in some way, we deal with people that are outside are circle and that can teach us new information that we might’ve never heard of before. Overall, it was a great experience, and I would love to do it again. Plus, I just can’t stop searching up #Unboundeq on Twitter, its loaded with activities, information, lessons to use in life, interesting discussions and last but not least, amazing articles!